Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Buster is heading north again, to Nordcapp. My companion on the trip will be Jessica, who traveled with me to Morocco a year ago. Our plan is to travel there during the summer solstice and experience the midnight sun.

Nordcapp is the furthest north, point in Europe that can be reached by car. Year round the temperature hovers around 0℃, with the driest month being June. Our plan is to travel through Sweden and to return through Finland and the Baltic countries. Assuming Russia doesn't invade Estonia. We're going to allow 3 weeks fro the trip, which will be about 7500KM. 

Buster received a new cabin heater this winter, we'll need it.



Blogger jo said...

jealous and wish you kept a travelogue you could share!

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

See the midnight sun and the Northern Lights from Canada!


10:26 PM  

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