Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Hemingway Bar at the Ritz is an intimate space, a paneled room with subdued lighting, a polished bar and deep carpets. I found a seat at the right end of the bar near the window, a stack of books, there for effect rather than reading next to me. 

I ordered a club soda with a twist. I wouldn't risk getting even a little drunk and if I didn't find what I came for I'd move on. Observing the occupants of the small tables arrayed through the room I caught the glance of a gentleman. A little leg and perhaps some stocking top and the hook was set. Turning my back on the room I resumed sipping my drink and occasionally checking my phone. 

He slid into the space between me and the next bar fly. "Can I buy you a drink?" He asked in lightly accented French. He was fifty-ish,distinguished in appearance and would fit seamlessly in a Mitt Romney foursome. Leaning toward him I asked coquettishly, "why settle for buying me a drink, when you can buy me?" That threw him off his game, but he recovered and smiled in bemusement. I returned his smile and said, "I'll have a martini."

By now the bartender had discerned my purpose, but observing decorum said nothing, though I'm sure he'd be reviewing the video with the security officer to identify me and ensure that I wouldn't make this a regular foray. My new friend and I made small talk, the mild winter and the upcoming Olympics and did I look forward to fashion week. His fingers caressing my thigh and my instep rubbing his leg.

The conversation returned to my proposition, with him posing the question of how much? I looked into his eyes and told him and he blinked. "I don't carry that much cash," was offered as an excuse. "No matter," I replied tapping my phone, "I take all major credit cards." He thought about it for a moment, our eyes locked and then nodded, "alright."



Anonymous Thomas said...

Has Kim & Co. suffered a recent downturn that caused you to go back into the field? I'd thought given your run-in with the board member, that you'd be on your "best" behavior??? Perhaps not :)

7:50 PM  

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