Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Friday afternoon, I took one last look around my office and handed the keys to Mimi. Kim & Co would have new owners effective the 1/6/14 and this office would be hers, she having been fitted for golden handcuffs.

When we refocused company after nearly folding in the first months of the great recession, the plan was to build and sell. It just happened sooner than anticipated, like five years sooner. Others with deep pockets recognized the niche that we saw in 2009 and rather than create from the ground up, they used their money.

My future? In ten days I'll leave for Nord Capp with Jessica and be gone 3-4 weeks and on my return, I intend to spend the summer and maybe the fall in the village. Surf, travel some and contemplate my future. For several years, I've wanted pursue my MBA and even went to the point of getting accepted. But the demands of the business, kept me from enrolling and now maybe I will. Eventually I'll start another business and I have some ideas.

After that I'm not sure. I've been offered a consulting engagement that I've accepted and a few years ago I formed a real estate partnership with two other women. Mostly they have run it while I found money when the need arose. The recession was a benefit there as we made investments in Spain and Portugal. Those markets are heating up and it is time to takes some profits and reinvest. 

Even if I simply vegetated for a while I'll be fine. I've squirreled away a years expenses and while they last, I can make do on Mr. Envelope's gifts. But I know that this source of money is ephemeral and is not to be counted on.

It was odd Monday morning, not having anywhere to go and my mailbox not chirping at me continually. Peaceful but eerie.



Anonymous jo said...

Best wishes in all your new endeavours. I can't wait to see where you land next.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

I have always tried to figure out what Kim & Co, did. Event planning?

7:31 PM  

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