Monday, June 09, 2014

Monte-Carlo is an amazingly egalitarian place, everyone is either rich, attractive or both. Since the middle and working classes can't afford to live there, but are needed to work there and run the place, these groups skew attractive. After all, it is all about providing an appealing milieu for the 0.001%.

Not that there are not homely people to be found in Monte-Carlo, there are and they are found among the rich. Take the gentleman at the table next to us, if people resemble there dogs, then he must own and obese English bull dog. He and his companion, a beautiful blond about my age, whose hand carried a sparkly-sparkly that should come with guard service.

They disembarked from a chauffeur driven Phantom, in front of us at the entrance to the Hermitage Yes that was me driving the Bentley CV. So yes ugly is made attractive by wealth.

In the morning I'm off to Nord Capp and will be back in early July.



Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

I have friends who have been to Nord Capp. They say it is beautiful. Have fun. The furthest north that I have been in Scandinavia is Hagfors in central Sweden.

7:22 PM  

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