Friday, July 04, 2014

I'm back and staying at the village house. The trip was wonderful and without incident. On my way here, I spent a couple of days with Dad and Juliette at the farm. They've morphed into a cute, elderly couple.

This afternoon I'm awaiting the arrival of the twins, accompanied by their father. Mandy knew she wanted to be in Paris for the summer and to work with my photographer friend and Abbie felt her sister was having absolutely too much fun in Paris and wanted some of the action. A volunteer job at a hospital was arranged for her. Ken has been feeling better and felt up to teaching a seminar here this summer, as that is something that he has long enjoyed. Plus he can keep an eye on his daughters, though I doubt he'll keep up with them.

Matt's Little League season has kept Catherine home till August, and young Grace, being her mother's child, stayed with them.



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