Monday, July 07, 2014

It was a fun and interesting weekend, one of secrets revealed and promises made. When they arrived dinner was ready and the 3 chowed down as if they hadn't a home cooked meal in weeks. After the girls wandered out to find kids that they met other summers and had kept in touch with, Kenny and I took a pair of folding chairs and the rest of the wine and walked to the wharf and watched the sun set across the bay.

On Saturday, Kenny wanted to go deep sea fishing and Abbie chose to accompany him. He figured something was up, but wasn't going to question the chance to spend time with his daughter. They were up and gone early with the lunch that I packed them. After they left, Mandy came down and I proceeded to make breakfast for us.

As I melted butter in the skillet for the omelet we talked, or mostly she did and I'd ask the occasional question. The word slipped out as she talked about a friend, a nice young man that I'd met the previous summer. "I went to the Louvre with my lover..." I was about to crack and egg and I broke it in my hand. I let it pass for a moment and finished making the omelet. As we ate, I asked her if by referring to her friend as her lover, if she had been intimate with him? She looked away from me, her face a beet red and nodded. My head wanted to explode.

We talked, she had been plotting her deflowering for a while and had chosen this boy, unbeknownst to him as her first. I asked her if she enjoyed it and she said she was scared and it hurt more that she expected, but yes...

I asked if she had spoken with her mother, no was her reply. I explained that I felt she had put me in a bad spot as her mother expected me to watch out for her daughters and that I felt an obligation to do so. She pondered this for a while and promised that she would speak with her.



Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

Your young relatives are growing up. It happens.

7:13 PM  
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