Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mr. Envelope has a vacation home in Biarritz and others near Nice, favored by his wife, a ski place in the Alps and a get-away in the Turks & Caicos. He asked me to spend a few days with him in Biarritz, so last Wednesday I drove down to join him.

He was amused when I pulled in driving Buster and kept referring to me as "mon petit hippie." Wags was with me as Mr. E insisted that I bring him. The house has a water view with a beach across a small street and is very contemporary. It is not ostentatious and of a nice size.

He didn't have an agenda for my being there, we went out for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday, while Thursday afternoon we went up to Capbreton and he sat on the beach and watched me surf. At breakfast Friday, he asked what I wanted to do, shop, I told him. I had peeked in his closet and well he needed some new clothes, this amused him and off we went. We found a nice men's shop and they were glad to assist in dressing Mr E.

We lunched on the terrace at Chez Alberts, a nice, but stuffy established gentry type of place. After lunch it was my turn to shop. And it was quite a haul if I do say so myself. Emile made a good pack horse.

Saturday evening I cooked him dinner and that pleased him. After we sat on his deck drinking wine as the light fade over the water. He was getting a little drunk and a bit maudlin. He asked if I was only with him for the money and I told him that if I didn't enjoy his company, I wouldn't stay with him just for the money. Then I reminded him that he has been very clear that he wouldn't divorce his wife, so what future would I have? "You knew that a mistress was expensive when you sought me out." He nodded.

With that it was time to change the subject, and I excused myself for a moment to fetch something that I had brought for him. When I returned I stood in the doorway leading to the deck in a frame bra and ouvert with numerous leather straps. His interest was piqued and he forgot about the expense of his mistress.



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