Tuesday, August 05, 2014

It has been a hectic summer that is going by too fast. Anne Marie and Hannah have come, gone and will be back. Both Denise and Irena spent time here and their stays overlapped. One evening, Mirelle joined us and it was like a college sleepover or kittens playing in a basket. Catherine arrives this afternoon and the rest of my family at weeks end as we are having our annual get-together in the village.

Meetings brought me to Paris for several days and gave me a chance to have dinner with the twins. Mandy wanted to go back to the café along the Canal St Martin that we dined at last summer, so I made reservations. The girls can be peas in a pod, but their personalities are so different. Mandy is effusive and very outgoing. As she walks, she'll make eye contact and smile at those she passes, while Abbie is different, closed, looking straight in front of her as she walks, her eyes hidden behind sunglasses, even in the fading light of the evening. When they sat down, Mandy began flirting with the server, a cute guy in his mid-twenties, she asked to see the wine list and ordered a glass of chardonnay. The server looked to me for permission and I nodded. Abbie looked perplexed and looked to me for guidance and I told her that if she wanted wine she could have it. She ordered what her sister had. After dinner I took them home in a taxi.

While in Paris, I had a date, a woman who I met shortly before leaving for Nord Capp. It didn't go well, she seemed addicted to her phone, constantly checking even while conversing. I asked her if she was waiting for something important and she wasn't. When the server came to order, I decided to cut my losses and asked for the check. Nothing ventured…

News on the Mr. Envelope front, I wondered if his ruminating about the nature of our relationship would lead him to break it off. That would be OK, though it would put a dent in my finances. But it hasn't, when I checked my accounts on the first, I found that he had deposited my retainer, rather than parse it out to me in envelopes when we got together. In our conversation that Saturday, I noted that this habit added to the transactional nature of our relationship, he understood. He has also informed me that he has taken an apartment for us in the Marais, and I'm welcome to make it my residence. Doubtful, I like a place of my own, but I'm tired of hotels, this will be better. By the way, his name is Emil.



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