Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's difficult to believe that August is over. Where did summer go? I've been busy with lots of visitors and much toing and frowing. The couple that owns the village café had a medical crisis this summer, he needed emergency surgery and has been out of work for a couple of months. Several of us chipped in to help them out and I've been tending bar on the weekends when I'm here. I've enjoyed it so much that I'm considering finding a part time bar tending gig when I return to Paris.

I'm seeing a lot of Emile, in Biarrtz, the Paris apartment and here. In a way our relationship is normalizing, but it is a strange normal. When Denise was here we discussed being the kept woman. Being secure-insecure, you never not when you will be dumped. Being comfortable, having a routine and place. But not happy or fulfilled.

For a while, Denise fell out of my life, not for a reason, just bad timing. We promised each other that we'll do a better job of staying in touch. We're a lot alike, sharing neurosis and interests.

I'll be heading to Paris on Wednesday, my grandmother and aunt are arriving. Grandma loves Paris and has friends here, and realizes that she soon maybe too frail to make the trip. Granddad, though healthy and golfing twice a week, nine holes on a Par 3, he wasn't up to the trip, so my aunt Lillian is coming. Can't wait till see them.

Well off to my bar tending gig!



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