Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My family began arriving Thursday for our summer get-together. A local inn served as headquarters and the charm of the village provided the back drop. Saturday evening the "kids" asked to stay at my place staking out places on the floor to spread their mats, at least till their parents headed for the door and the youngest chased after them with looks of panic on their faces. The middle kids stayed, Robbie, Matt, young Grace and Henry, who stayed close to me when Leah left. Wags was in doggy heaven with all the kids to beg treats from.

Robert came and the stench of a dying marriage seemed to follow him and Grace all weekend. It seems as if we are only waiting for the announcement.

This weekend marked the 11th anniversary of our mother's death and the first time we have been together as a family on this date. We're past mourning her death and on to celebrating her life and joking how mom pops up in each of us.



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