Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The plan when I returned from Tunisia, was to assist a couple of friends in moving a sailboat from the village to a boatyard at Brest and after that to do it again. I've had such a tough life the last few months, haven't I. But Emile requested that I return to Paris and I have.

The trip from Marseille was circuitous, I needed to go to the village and pickup somethings that I had left and then to Normandy to pickup Wags at Dad's. The pick up was a good example of why one should have a dog.

When I arrived Dad had gone to town and taken the dogs with him. The window of Juliette's living room has a view of the road and the drive. Wags must have spotted Buster, because rather than waiting for Dad to come around and open the rear door of the Land Rover to let him and the pugs out, he scrambled over Dad's lap to get out the side door and ran over to the camper sniffing around it for a few seconds before making a bee-line to the door where he made a ruckus till he was let in. It's nice to be missed.

The last few weeks have had me on overload in respect to people contact, so today I stayed holed up in my apartment. It gave me a chance to take stock of where I am and where I want to go. Financially I'm OK, with the sale of Kim & Co, I squirreled away living expenses for a year and with Emile's stipend, I've not needed to touch that. The little consulting engagement that I have will continue for a bit, though that is more episodic than regular. The trip to Tunisia gave me an opportunity to explore one business idea that I've been toying with and what I found out was encouraging. Something that I have decided is whatever I do next, I want it to be of a small scale.

Tomorrow evening I'm seeing Emile.



Blogger J said...

Welcome home. So much has changed for you lately and I do hope the adjustments haven't been too onerous.

That's great that you have a good handle on what's next. Hopefully you've had time to recharge the batteries.


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