Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thursday was, hmmm, interesting.

We dined at a new restaurant near my apartment and later returned to our love nest in Le Marais. Emile, aka, Mr Envelope, lit a fire and poured cognac while I slipped into something entertaining. When we were settled in he informed me that Mrs. Envelope has chosen to remain at their house in Nice, rather than return to Paris.

This self-exile creates a conundrum for Emile, in that he is denied a companion for the various social functions that he undertakes, which he is solving by putting me in the position of…well walker.

I'm not new to being a mistress, but but being so public is different. Of course I was Jacque's very public companion, but he was single at the time and I was view as a want-to-be MRS. My outings with Charles and Francis were simply dates, private activities, and up to now so has my time with Emile.

Saturday was my initiation, I was uncomfortable.



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