Monday, November 03, 2014

A Look Back

Spring had exploded and Paris was awash in color. Lovers lounged in parks and along the Seine. On a Saturday morning, Denise had invited me for coffee, we sat by a window in her studio looking out over the flowers that were freshly planted in a window box. Alas her window looked over a trash strewn vacant lot. We talked as close friends do and then with a glance at the clock, mentioned that Leonard should be arriving at André's at that hour.

This piqued my interest, Leonard was Denise's lover and benefactor. "Really?" I replied quizzically, Leonard hated motorcycles and the style of André's art even more. "And why is he honoring André with the pleasure of his company?" "To invite you to a weekend at a chateau near Lyon," was her answer. I let this sink in for a moment with the realization that I had more than an inkling of what this weekend would entail. "So why am I not being asked?" "It is André's choice, not yours," was her reply and then with a sly smile, "we both know that you would demand to be there." "I would?" I queried and she smiled in replying, "You know that fictional chateau in Roissy? If it existed you would be banging on the door demanding to be let in." "And you would be there to let me in," was my reply. She simply smiled and said yes.

That evening André and I attended a gallery opening of a friend, on our return to my apartment I asked him why he hadn't mentioned Leonard's visit. He had that guilty child expression that I'd become familiar with. "I didn't think you'd be interested," he answered. I just looked at him, "would you?" He asked, I continued looking at him, "you want to," he said looking at his hands, the barest outline of a smile passing over his face.

To be continued.



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