Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Continued from the previous post. 

On afternoon of the appointed weekend we loaded our bags in the back of Waldo, my Smart and headed for Lyon. André was in a good mood, he had sold a pair of motorcycles that week and received a commission for a sculpture from a law firm. His banter was infectious and distracted me from my thoughts on what awaited me.

Reservations had been made for us at the Cour des Loges. Our room, our suite was opulent and André wandered around enchanted by the luxury, "OMG these faucets, I think they're gold." We were to have dinner with Leonard, Denise and another couple and it was my surprise to find in place of Denise, Leonard's wife. I shouldn't have been, his wife was very aware of Denise and occasionally shared her favors.

Dinner went well, the women gave me the details of my Saturday, the day anyway. While André and the men would be touring a private auto museum, I would be treated to a day of pampering in preparation for my sacrifice.

 That evening we dressed in silence, André in a tux that we was uncomfortable in, but he cut a dashing figure. I told him he looked like Daniel Craig and he went to look at himself in a mirror. My dress, that André declared was the sexiest he'd ever seen, bared one shoulder hooking under my arm, slit on both sides, well above my waist. A car took us to the Chateau, when we arrived I looked for Denise but didn't see her. There were a dozen plus couples, middle aged or sprint-autumn.

Following dinner the group moved to a drawing room for aperitifs and I noted that the household staff was absent and the guests were serving themselves. André and I were talking with another couple when three men approached, one addressing him. Was he ready to surrender me to them he was asked. His face went white and he looked at me. I looked away, this was his decision and it was affirmative as they expressed approval and invited the group to join us in the recital hall.

André and I had been dating for seven months, I knew long before he confessed it that the thought of me being with other men excited him and he shamefully admitted that he wanted to watch. That night his wish was granted.

Many mansions have a large party room on an upper floor that maybe called the music room, ballroom or in this case the recital hall. At one end there is a stage with an oyster shell background, at the other a large fireplace. Entering the room a spotted Denise, standing in the back, I felt better knowing she was there. I walked across the room in a daze next to André. The men were standing by the fireplace, a large ottoman was in front of the fireplace. The place of my debauchment. André was asked again for his permission and the question was placed to me, was I a willing participant? I nodded affirmatively. I felt someone behind me and then a blindfold was placed over my eyes. I hadn't anticipated this and I panicked briefly before relaxing as my dress fell away.

I don't know if it was the same men or how many, when it was over I was exhausted and sore. André was sitting in a straight chair, his shirt in disarray and a dark stain on his trouser leg. Denise and another woman were there to attend to me. We retired to bathroom and I cleaned up and dressed. André was waiting for me and we descended the stairs to the second floor and walked the long hallway. The doors to the rooms were open and barely lighted, we could see bodies copulating and the occasional nude dashed from one room to the next.

In the car returning to the hotel, I told André that I wanted to return to Paris that night and we did in silence.



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