Sunday, November 23, 2014

It was her day, with the introduction of her new product line at a toni boutique. He stood behind her smiling, the proud husband supporting his wife on her new venture. He funded it of course, and it was his contacts that got her this far, but now was her moment and he was letting her bathe in the attention. To his right stood her two, teenaged daughters, hanging on everyone of their mother's words and at his left their son, fidgeting in his sport coat and tie.

This scene of marital bliss was not quite pure, for he was of a roving eye, that surveyed the women in the room. When his gaze settled on me, I didn't avert my glance, but held his gaze allowing a half smile to form on my lips. The hook was placed and now to set it, which was easier than expected, for each time I looked towards him, we was looking at me. Now to reel him in.

The presentation complete, he stepped forward to lead the applause and then to give his wife a hug and kiss, he then he stepped back and let the guests approach her. That was my prompt to circle the room, his eyes following me. Passing behind them I turned down the short hall that led to the dressing rooms and toilets, to retrieve my coat from the temporary rack. When I turned to leave, he was standing in front of a toilet door, looking at me. "Bonjour Mademoiselle," he said. "Bonjour," I replied taking a step towards him. From my pocket I took a card and slipped it into the breast pocket of his jacket. "Call me, we will have a delightful time," I said as I moved past him. Reaching the end of the hall I looked back, he was standing there, watching me. "Call me," I mouthed, then turned and walked away.



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