Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mathilde asked me to lunch today. She is a very successful business woman and has become a friend and mentor. She asked me about Emile, a relationship that she approves of, and I gave her an update and told her of his request that assume the social responsibilities that his wife has abandoned. She allowed that he was asking quite a bit of me with the coda, "He is taking good care of you."

In the past she has minimized my complaints about not finding someone to share my life and that I should be satisfied with lovers rather than searching for love. The little birdie of gossip has told me that Mathilde married when she was young, but left the young man for an older lover and that she has been several times a mistress and perhaps a courtesan.

She does have one love in her life, her son, a beautiful child that she adores and who returns the affection. I tease her that when the time comes, that I am going to introduce Pierre to my niece Grace and she will steel his heart. But not for a while, Pierre is 14 and Grace is 10.



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