Monday, December 01, 2014

Grace arrived last Tuesday and Wednesday we traveled to Normandy to spend Thanksgiving with Juliette and Dad at the farm. Usually we have dinner at their house in Neuilly, but this year it would have been only the 4 of us and they suggested the farm, as they wanted to invite friends. Grace and I didn't care.

Friday we drove to the village. She's been bitching and moaning since she arrived and that continued all weekend. She is grieving the failure of her marriage and is now in the anger stage, which knowing Grace is colorful and will go on for a while. Added to that is she's not happy with the new management at the former Kim & Co and has been on me, complaining that if I hadn't been a whore I'd still be there completing my earn-out and sharing in the misery.

I suggested that she quit and give up the earn-out if she was so unhappy, but she won't, we share an irrational insecurity that we will end up old, poor, crazy and alone. I comes from Mom and a general anxiety that women have. In truth we'll definitely be old, doubtfully we'll be poor, crazy maybe, and never alone. Grace has her children and even if I end up a childless spinster (increasingly likely), my nieces will look out for me.

This morning I left Grace at the regional airport to begin her trip home and I drove back to Paris. Wednesday I'm meeting Emile in London and we're going to Sardinia for the weekend. He wants to get away and told me to pick someplace and I've never been there.



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I can guarantee you will end up old - M

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