Monday, December 08, 2014

Sardinia was nice, we had a good time. The black cloud that had consumed me in London stayed behind.

Since moving to Paris, I've never had a Christmas tree, this year I got the jones to get one. This afternoon Chloe, joined me on the hunt for a tree. After exasperating her by dragging her around to 3 vendors seeking the perfect tree, you know, like you see in advertisements, she looked at me and said, "buy one or you're on your own" and she took one out of the rack and gave it to me. "Here" she said and I looked at it said its too small and picked out one that towered over us.

"If you put that in your apartment, you'll need to move out at it will take up the entire space," she said, "this one is plenty big, trust me." I decided to go with her choice and the tree is large enough. I moved  a chair and put it in the corner where Wags decided to pee on it. After cleaning up, I put my single stand of lights on it and the handful of ornaments that I have and then stood back and looked at it, pathetic I thought.



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