Wednesday, December 31, 2014

We arrived in Chamonix Friday to view brown ground, with only an handful of trails open. We figured we'd spend most of our time hiking and perhaps ice skating. Saturday we skied some on the upper mountain, but it wasn't very good so we quit early. Later on Saturday it began snowing and Sunday was mostly a whiteout, but a great day for steeping in a hot tub under the snowy sky, drinking hot mulled wine.

With the fresh snow cover I decided to stay and ski on Monday and caught the first train out on Tuesday. I dumped my stuff at the apartment and picked up Wags after running some errands. Back at my place I put things away and packed to go to the village for New Years and left in the evening.

Today, lunch is planned with Mirelle, and I need to prepare my contribution for the traditional New Years floating party after which which we'll watch the lantern drop to ring in the new year.



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