Tuesday, January 06, 2015

It was well past midnight when I closed the door of the townhouse behind me. The doorway was inset from the sidewalk allowing me to observe before stepping out. The street was empty and a heavy mist filled the air. At the square I stopped for a moment and admired the view down a side street of the Eiffel Tower and then hurried along.

Marty, my Miata was parked on another side street a block beyond. As I reached that corner, several young men spilled out of a closing bar across the street and a half block down. One then another shouted crudities at me, I'd reached my corner and turned down it. The street was dark and struck me as unusual for Paris and then noticed a utility crew working at the far end.

The men were following me, "hey baby, come here, we won't hurt you" and then laughter. I quickened my pace, Marty was parked mid-block. They were gaining on me their being able to walk faster than I in my heels. About 10 meters from the car I pushed the panic button, setting off the horn and lights, and began running. Fortunately I didn't need to drive past them, but the end of the street was blocked by the workers and their truck. One of the crew motioned for me to turn around and go back, so I rolled down the window and implored him to let me through. He listened and then called to another to move the truck.

As I turned on to Rue de l'Université, the adrenaline drained and I began to shudder, forcing me to pull over as I couldn't drive. While I didn't feel safe, I was comforted that it was a main street and after a few moments I calmed and drove home.



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