Monday, January 26, 2015

Unlike Séverine, I have some insight into my compulsion, and it is in part, my OCD. But I also enjoy being a prostitute, the small ritual of preparing for a date, the collection of his payment and counting it later. Making him comfortable and getting to know him, and of course, the restaurants and the hotels. 

Not to forget the risk. I am in part, an adrenalin junkie and I find an outlet for that in prostitution. But there is something else, we all have a self destructive streak, for most it is a narrow lane, mine is a 12 lane expressway. Mostly this
comportement autodestructeur, has been expressed as promiscuity. My
licentiousness ebbs and flows, as a teen, I was available, while in college, I was mostly self-restrained. As an adult there have have been periods that would make Sasha Grey wide-eyed and exclaim "OMG, you did that!" Well maybe not Sasha, but Catherine Millet would blush just thinking about it. What I find interesting, is that when I am regularly engaged as a call-girl, all that recedes and I'm just a girl on a date.



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