Tuesday, February 03, 2015

When I met with Rebecca before Christmas, she mentioned that one of the women that shared the in-call had left the business and she needed to find someone to replace her. And if I was thinking about returning to the business...

The pied-à-terre is on a busy alleyway not far from Shakespeare and Company in the 5th. The building is a 5 story walk up, with 8 apartments and retail on the street level. It is about perfect for an in-call as it has no doorman and only two apartments per floor. Our unit is on the second floor and has the added benefit of having the door away from the landing. The other unit on the floor is an AirBNB-like, short term rental, whose changing cast of residents, don't notice our changing cast of residents with their gentleman callers.

The apartment itself is small, a living room/dining room, a tiny kitchen and bathroom and the bedroom. In the bathroom storage closet there is a small washer-dryer, Prostitutes spend a lot of time changing and washing bed linen. The decor of the apartment is très féminin, with mauve over cream being the dominant color pallet. There are lots of faux family pictures, acquired at flea markets with the hutch displaying only a couple of place settings. Whoever has the first appointment each day is responsible for buying flowers for the many vases. 

The furnishings in the living room are a couch and side chair, leather for easy cleaning, coffee and side tables, a desk and chair and a bar cart with libations. The kitchen has a Keurig machine with tea and coffee, a refridge with water and wine, a few glasses of various types and that's about it. 

The bed nearly fills the bedroom and has a plastic cover over the mattress, again for ease of cleaning. There is one of three side stands by the bed, where we keep toys. The other two are stored in the closet and we each have one for our own apparatus. The closet also contains 3 small safes and lots of bed linen.



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How much do you figure to be back in the biz? Full time or just occasional?


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