Sunday, March 29, 2015

Many conversations with Abbie over the last few weeks that culminated with her telling her parents about her relationship. She told her father first, assuming that he knew how our parents handled the knowledge of my first girl friend. He was clueless about that but a good father who loves his children and likes the young woman that Abbie is involved with. His once concern being a professional one of continuing to be Marti's academic adviser. Catherine suspected knew, you can never underestimate a mother's intuition regarding her children, but Abbie was most nervous about telling her. All went well and Marti is welcome in their home. Now we'll see if the romance makes to prom season.

My excursion in the demimonde continues with a satisfactory number of bookings for the incall and a couple of outcall appointments each week. Last evening I worked a bachelor party with Rebecca and another girl, it was an, interesting experience.



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