Monday, March 09, 2015

Thursday afternoon we were sitting on the deck entertained by the debate between, Rachel, Anne Marie and Hannah, as to who would clean the fish that Amy and Irena had caught earlier, when my phone erupted in the twin-tone, Abbie had messaged me asking if we could talk via Skype, soon. As much as I wanted to stay and listen to the comic debate, I was cooking, so my duties were set, Abbie never called with an urgent request to talk, so I messaged her back that now was fine and I'd call her in 10 minutes.

It seems that she kissed a girl, really a lengthy make out session, which was all she'd confess, but I suspect there was more. She was/is confused. I asked how they met. Abbie had stopped by her father's office during his office hours and the girl, Marti, was waiting to see him. Abbie said they began chatting and that she found Marti, attractive, this happening last week. From her reply is seems she stalked sought her out, having noticed that Marti was carrying a canvas bag from the just off campus lez coffeehouse, so she began hanging out there after school. Then lust and nature took there course.

I knew that she has had boyfriends, so I asked if she'd had crushes on girls before and she admitted she had, as well as boys. Engaging my mouth before thinking, I let slip "you've slept with a guy," that I had that knowledge surprised her and she demanded to know if Mandy had told me. I told her not Mandy, but her mother and yes she enjoyed sex with the guy. During our conversation it became apparent that what was confusing her was that she finds members of both sexes sexually attractive, leaving her unsure of where she fit.

I just let her talk, reassuring her that what she feels is normal and her attractions are normal, reminding her that I have both male and female lovers. Soon she was talked out and knowing her, she would process the conversation and want to talk again.

When I rejoined the others, there were 5 inquisitive faces and shrugged and said "she kissed a girl." It was knowing nods all around. During dinner, the subject of self-realization and acceptance came up and we each related that story of our own private coming out. Me early and active, Amy, young but hidden, Rachel and AM in college and Irena and Hannah in their middle 20's.

Since Irena, has never been to the US we spent Saturday and Sunday in DC and will go to NY in the morning for a couple of days and then home.



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