Monday, March 30, 2015

 Gerhard was is a pimp and he wanted to pimp me.

Our connection was an escort named Helene, who briefly worked for Marie, before she was fired and found her way to Gerhard's stable. A polite way to describe Helene is that she is an avid networker, an accurate portrayal is that she's a vile gossip.

She quickly learned that Marie was closing the agency and assumed that I would take it over, as she believed that I was Marie's favorite girl and I probably was. Marie had offered to sell me the agency, but that wasn't the business that I wanted to be in. When Helene learned that I wasn't taking over for Marie, she suggested that I join her with Gerhard.

At the time, I'd pretty much decided to become an independent, as I had a good book and had no need for an agency's support. But I had explored a few agencies that had good reputations and had met earlier that week with one that I found tempting. I was curious about Gerhard, so I agreed to meet him.

The following week I was to be in Germany and on my return, I stopped in Bonn to meet with him. He suggested that we meet at a brothel, an experience that made the trip worthwhile. I asked if he owned it and he said no, that a friend was the manager. I didn't believe him. 

When I asked for Gerhard on arrival, there was a small frenzy of activity, the receptionist called another woman, who came out and asked if I were applying for a position, I told her that I wasn't but I was there to meet with Gerhard and with that I was brought to the lounge. The brothel wasn't busy, perhaps a dozen men in the room, some talking to girls other amongst themselves. Three girls sat a the bar strategically situated to see who came through the door.

Gerhard was seated on a couch between Helene and another woman. Helene, bubbly as ever jumped up and excitedly introduced me. After a bit of small talk, the two women left, leaving me with Gerhard. We spoke for about an hour, actually he mostly spoke, telling me how he operates, what services he provides and doesn't provide for his escorts and the cost structure. He obviously fancies himself as a good salesman and he was surprised when I demurred at his attempt to close the deal and told him I'd be in touch in a few days. As we were wrapping up the manager came by and we were introduced and he offered me a tour. Best thing that happened that evening.

In the taxi, heading back to my hotel, I texted Gerhard and told him thanks but no thanks.




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