Monday, April 06, 2015

Friday, during the drive to the village, I called Mirelle to see if she was free for dinner, she was, so I picked up some food and began the preparations shortly after arriving and walking Wags. She came by about 7:30 with a bottle of wine and a couple of joints. We ate, drank, talked and she caught me up on the latest gossip, while we smoked a joint. I slept like a baby Friday night, the best night's sleep that I've had in 6 months, at least nine and a half hours. Good food, drink a little dope and an orgasm or three helped.

Saturday was spent cleaning and getting the house ready for summer. In the afternoon I pushed the Honda into the street to start it after its winter slumber. After a couple of tries it stumbled to life for a couple of seconds and then died. i tried again and it roared to life. While it idled I checked the tire pressure and then got my helmet and jacket to take a short ride to warm it up and ensure it ran properly. Sunday I was meeting a couple of girlfriends with plans to ride southwest for a couple of hours and meet another group of women for lunch. When nothing seemed amiss I returned splashed some oil in the chain and put Yoko back in the garage.

Today, I hoped to surf, but the water is as flat as I've ever seen it around here and the surf forecast for the next several days is the same. I'll get some reading in.



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