Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It was a Jacques' Tuesday. It is so strange with him, he hardly speaks to me, only polite pleasantries. He arrives, he fucks me and he leaves.

That was it for Tuesday, not an inquiry, not even a troll. By mid afternoon I was bored, so I took a book and went to a neighborhood café, it would have been a wonderful afternoon to sit outside, but the tables were taken. I found a window seat and settled in. Shortly there after, our neighbor from across the hall entered the café with a friend. They took the table behind me and due to the acoustics, I could clearly hear their conversation. The friend asked for an update on "her neighbors," and the woman regaled her with gossip. It seems she is paying close attention to the comings and goings of the in call, saying that it had been quiet today with only one man stopping. But over the weekend... I was in London, but Rebecca and two other women, had a party for their regulars. 

After my tea and listening to gossip, I decided to call it a day and took down the ads and went home. Today I have a business meeting and later I'm to meet with a woman, who has contacted me about seeing her and her husband together. When she requested the meeting, she said she'd never done anything like this before and would feel more comfortable if we could meet before. I'm OK with that.

Tonight I'm seeing Carl, Fredrick's patron.

Do something good for the planet today!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim - I've been loosely following your blog for at least ten years (oh my!). While I have enjoyed reading about your work as a courtesan, I have also found your tales of entrepreneurship engaging. Even though you have had to disguise some the details of your company, you write about business with such a level of engagement that it is clear to readers that you are passionate about it. I hope something comes along soon for you in which to invest your further energies.

Thanks for years of sharing.

P.S. where did all the archives go?


1:44 PM  

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