Tuesday, April 07, 2015

My website offers three and a half options for meeting with me, A Brief Interlude, 2 hours that is intended for incall so there is an up charge for visits to hotels or residences. Lunch or Cocktails, 3 hours either in or out and involves spending a hour or so in public. This is the minimum for new Kim clients as it gives a chance to get to know each other. The last option and addendum is An Evening with Kim, described as a night on the town followed by intimacy, 4 to 6 hours. There is an option to keep me overnight, but the cost is exorbitant as I hate spending the night. I don't sleep well, this has long been a problem for me, but it seems to get worse as I age. In my private life, with one exception, it is the same, my lovers or one night stands, are sent off or I go home, post coitus. And of course those who would like to retain me for a day or several days, there are instructions to contact me.

The time variable often raises questions with new clients, but most understand when I explain that our date will reach its natural conclusion. A few will ask, what if the 6 your time is reached and the date has not reached its natural conclusion. I explain to them that I am not a clock watcher, but that I also assume their consideration. To the more obtuse who insist on a further definition, I tell them the date ends when they fall asleep, following intimacy they begin checking their phone etc.



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