Thursday, April 02, 2015

Why would a man set an appointment with a whore at 9 AM?

But he was quick and chose not to linger for the remainder of his time. I showed him to the door in a flimsy robe that belt had fallen behind a chair and mules. At the door he asked if he could see me at the same time in 2 weeks. 

As soon as I closed the door, I kicked the mules off and checked the clock. I had plenty of time, my next appointment was noon, a guy who wanted to act out a scene. First thing was to change the bed linens, there was enough time to wash them but drying would need to wait. After that I swept through the apartment removing any vestige of an earlier client and caught a reflection of myself in the mirror, I look horrid, my eyes and face are a bit puffy, I can't be burning the candle and both ends, it is taking a toll. Before cleaning the few cups and plates I put some tea in the keurig and when it was ready relaxed for a few moments. There was time to take Wags for a quick walk so I dressed and did.

Agreeing to the incall was something that I had doubts about as soon as I committed as I believed my normal clientele wouldn't care and mostly they haven't used it. Hating to pay for something that I wasn't gaining value for, I created a second escort persona and advertised through the Paris boards. Being a new girl, I was getting a greater response that I bargained for and these men were much harder to qualify than those I could reference in bold type on the business pages. My three clients today came from that source, my nooner with the scene and the de cinq à sept later.

Returning with Wags, I ran into the across hall neighbor and we said hello and made small talk. That apartment has been a short term rental, but a Canadian couple has been there for the last month, he is here on business and she along for a few months in Paris. We've determined that they are suspicious of our activities.

My phone began buzzing, a Kim client wants to see me at 10, he's staying at the George V, I groaned to myself, but agreed. Tomorrow I'm heading for the village for a week, I'll get my rest.

I had 20 minutes to dress for my nooner, no problem. I'd picked things out to be his fantasy secretary, a white blouse, a necklace, a slim, navy skirt over racy red lingerie. Just at noon he buzzed and I let him in.

"How was your meeting?" He ignored me, "Get me some coffee" he commanded. I wiggled off and did so. I'd arranged the desk so that it would be similar to an office, he sat behind it. "Take a letter Miss..." I sat at the other chair and he instructed me to bring it around next to his. He spoke, I feigned taking notes, his hand migrated up my leg. I put my hands down to stop him. "Remember how much you need this job Miss..." I relented an let him explore me. His fingers were rough and I was pretty dry and would need lube if he wanted intercourse. After poking at me he put his fingers to my lips and I sucked on them. Then he indicated he wanted me to blow him and I did.

After he left I leaned against the door, two down and two to go and enough time to get out of the apartment for an hour.



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