Sunday, June 07, 2015

It was hot for Paris and muggy, initially we were to meet at a garden cafe for lunch before retiring to the Lumen on rue des Pyramides, but the heat sent us to Oscar the hotel's restaurant. For our date I selected a linen day-dress, sleeveless with a flaring skirt, in dusty rose that complements my complexion. I could pass easily for a pampered lady who lunches.

Since fall, I have be seeing Marcel twice a month, always in the afternoon at different hotels. We meet for lunch at noon and he regales me with tales of the past week while I listen and ask a question or two to keep him going, not that it takes much. But he's interesting in the way that successful people can be interesting and I learn a lot by listening and parsing what he says.

Marcel is 70-ish, trim, with a full head of snowy white hair, he remains the chairman of his company, but has passed the day-to-day operations to his chosen successor. He says, he is enjoying life and I'm part of the entertainment.

This is the type of client assignation I like, regular and stable, with a gentleman who is easy to be with. So far I've resisted the temptation to suggest that he provide me a stipend. While that predicability is desirable, I don't want the entanglement that it would bring. Cash is more flexible.

In the room, he requests a lap dance, I oblige and grind away offering my breasts to his lips. I don't know how dancers do this customer after customer, the chafing quickly leaves me sore and I switch positions lying atop him. He fondles my breasts and then a hand slides into my panties.

Even with the little pills, Marcel suffers from mild impotency often struggling to have a decent erection, but I could feel him harden through his slacks. He wanted to fuck.
I dressed and left before he did. It was nearly 4 when I retrieved Marty, pushed the top down and headed for my apartment. Wags was anxious to be walked and after changing my shoes we did. Then it was dinner for the two of us and another walk, after which I settled down to read till it was time to prepare for another date.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

hi Kim, not sure why you sold your company and went back to entertaining full time but hope things are going well and thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Take care! Pete from LA

10:58 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

A voice from the past! Hope you are well Pete and that life is good to you.

Presently, I have no plans to renounce my US citizenship, I always like having options. The problem is that the US government is making it increasingly difficult to live outside the US. They make demands on banks, insurance and investment companies that are so expensive to comply with that turning away US ex-pat business is a good decision. Of course we can't live in a modern world without these services. To this point I've not run into difficulty, but friends have. It is my desire to maintain my US citizenship, but there may come a time when I need to choose.

As far as the business. It was my plan to sell in the next 5 years and I received an offer that was in line with my expectations of future value, so I took the money and ran.

As far as escorting, bad habits die hard.



4:11 PM  

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