Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The girls went home on the 20th taking the sisters whom they've become friends along. Farrah was asked, but her parents understandably said no. The last few days Abbie and she moped about knowing that the end of their summer romance was nigh. An adult has some control about such things but a teen... Alternately I miss them, and feel guilty that I'm glad they are gone.

I'm making desperate fresh attempts at dating again and only managing to prove that I'm basically undateable. There was a woman, whom I hoped something might start, It wasn't a disaster, but at least with disastrous dates there is always the future funny story. This was just blah. The three of us stayed at Dad and Juliette's for the month, when I got home the house was dark, though there was evidence that the girls were home. I figured they'd gone to bed and I was glad. Not sure that Wags had been walked we went out so he could take care of his business and when we returned the twins were in the kitchen waiting for me seeking a full report of my evening.

They've hinted at their concern that I might be on my way to spinsterhood, it's bad enough that my sisters cluck their concern and my friends tell cat jokes, but I didn't need them joining in.

Through September, I'm in at the village house with the occasional trip to Paris for business. It's peaceful.

For those believing that being a gentleman's companion, courtesan, SB or escort is a glamorous way to make a living, a bit of reality. 



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Oh come on, you rub the buddha's belly for luck!

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