Monday, November 16, 2015

I woke with a start Saturday morning, one of my overnight roommates, knocked a glass into the bathroom sink. I was not the only one startled and we shared a nervous giggle. Coffee was made and we checked the news.

The urge to get home came upon me and I gathered my things and started for home. The streets were mostly deserted, a dog walker or two were out and quickly returned to their apartments. A policeman stopped me as the area was shut down, he heard my explanation and told me to go on. I planned to walk if necessary since I didn't see any Vélib' bikes at the local stands, but after a few blocks there was one being returned and I took it.

Except to walk Wags, who had spent the night at my downstairs neighbors, I stayed in Saturday. Sunday I ventured into the neighborhood and met with friends. No one I know is among the victims, but I'm sure that this tradegdy has touched someone I know. There is the pervasive feeling among my neighbors that the authorities can't protect us, it's a feeling that I share. It will be a long time before we feel comfortable.



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