Sunday, November 08, 2015

Looking out Buster's side door, I watched a boy of around 9 as he rode a camel past our encampment. He looked but kept his distance, most likely instructed by his parents to stay away from the European travelers. I heard Anne stirring in the upper bunk as I put the water on for coffee. 

Anne is the cousin of another in our group and when Jessica my preferred travel partner couldn't make this trip, Anne was suggested as a co-pilot for Buster. She's a passenger rather than a co-pilot, since she doesn't know how to drive a manual transmission. She hasn't worn well with me, nor the others as she's whiny. Fortunately we rotate among the trucks giving ourselves a break from one and other.

We camped near the town of Illizi on the northern edge of the Tassili N'Ajjer National Park. We arrived mid-afternoon the previous day and after setting up camp several of us went into town for the market. That day and the next we would take an escorted tour of the park to viewing it's austere lunar landscape and to view some of the thousands of prehistoric cave art and drawings.

When we took our trip to Morocco 18 months ago, the initial plan was to take the trip that we took in October, and Tassili N'Ajjer, was high on the list of places we wanted to visit. Then the fighting in Mali precluded coming here and even today we only decided to come after speaking to travelers who had just returned and other trusted sources who had intimate knowledge of the risk.



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