Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dad picked me up at the hospital and after a stop at my apartment to pick up some things, he took me to their house in Neuilly for the weekend. I was happy to go as I didn't feel ready to manage my life and having someone to look after me was a relief.

Wags and the pugs were happy to see me and I them. I scooped Wags up and held him till he squirmed to get down. Thursday morning I awoke wondering what was next and how to proceed. As I lay in bed, I remember that following my first hospitalization I found comfort in walking, so after breakfast I started walking with Wags as my companion. I had no destination and after a while Wags laid down in exhaustion, he's getting old. After resting we circled back to the house for lunch and then I took the Metro back to my place to retrieve my bike. I could benefit from the movement without exhausting my guy.

Monday morning I came home. I feel better, but I can't concentrate or complete a task. The meds have made me edgy and when I see my psychiatrist later today I hope he makes an adjustment.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know when you've bounced off the bottom of it, though meds can fuzz that up. Bad ones are when you get an after-shock because those can take you unaware when your willpower has been eaten up. I think of it as a very long day: just like in an ordinary day, you use up your energy, your willpower, your mood and then some more crap comes along and you're not prepared mentally/constitutionally to deal with it. These are just like a really long day and just like that you remind yourself you make it through because days do come to an end and then there's another. - M

5:14 PM  
Blogger J said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are in depression again, Kim. I've read you for a long time and you have been so well for so long. Please take care of yourself. We want you well and back!


2:03 AM  

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