Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mostly I'm staying close to home, though over the weekend I did venture out on Saturday with Denise to finish some Christmas shopping and Sunday I met friends for hot chocolate.

My psychiatrist wouldn't change my meds as I'm still experiencing suicidal thoughts, though he did prescribe a medication for the edginess I'm feeling, those he described as a side effect. I'm not happy about needing to take another pill.

The nightmares of that night have passed and now I'm having a new dream where my mother and I are attending my funeral.

My plan is to spend Christmas Eve and day with Dad and Juliette. After that Denise is going to take me out to the village where I plan to spend a few weeks. I don't feel like it is safe for me to drive that far.



Blogger Spencer said...

Warmest Christmas Greetings.

Thanks for doing what you do, and doing it so well!

12:43 AM  

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