Monday, March 14, 2016

Friday I came to the village and plan to stay a couple of weeks. The quiet of winter in the village has given way to preparations for spring. The boatyards are active, the thrifty owners were here pulling back the covers, scraping and painting. For those with more money or less time, the professional yard crews have a production line going with a a few boats already floating on the moorings.

The owner of one of the yards is a gruff, former bayman who each summer hires 2-3 high school age boys to assist around the yard in a quasi apprenticeship program, those who work hard and want to learn are invited back the following summer with the others left to look other work. The last couple of summers I've cajoled him into hiring teen girls, he harrumphs and changes the subject, but this year I noticed that among the boatwrights on his crew is a young woman.



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