Monday, March 07, 2016

Saturday, I crossed the Seine to go to Shakespeare & Company browsing the books and after finding a few, I went next door to the café. Dmitri was there having coffee and reading a magazine. It has been a few years since I'd seen him, but he looked the same, with some grey finding its way into his hair and crows feet along his eyes when he smiled. He invited me to join him.

I knew he was living in Paris again, from his sister and when I was released from the hospital, there was a card and a note at my apartment wishing me a speedy recovery with a Paris postmark. We talked, bringing ourselves up-to-date on the generalities of our lives. He no longer teaches and is working for an NGO that assists developing countries in setting up schools. He says he loves the work and the regular and sometimes extended travel to Africa is a benefit. Our time was short as we both had other engagements, but I was happy to see him and I believe he felt the same about me. We walked out together and he bussed me on the cheek as we parted on our separate ways.



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