Sunday, April 03, 2016

"You're still a courtesan?"

It was my second lunch of the week with Francis, we had finalized the launch of Kim & Co II. It will start small myself and a brilliant mathematician with a bent for finance who is currently buried working for one of a big bank and would like to join a startup where she can become a partner. Francis found her through a friend and I interviewed here earlier in the week. Mimi will join us in the fall, she will be free of her golden handcuffs and wants to take a few months off.

I couldn't look at him and moved the remaining food around on my plate, "Is that a question or an accusation?" "The question," he replied, "is why?" I wanted to be anywhere else than at that table having this conversation with him, "I enjoy it, can't I do things that I enjoy?" I asked. "Besides it's my kink, can't I feed that?"

"It limits you," he replied. "That's true," I admitted, "and I've long conceded that I'll never marry well in Paris and some may choose not to do business with me. Finally able to look him in the eye, I continued, "But being a courtesan got me here, hasn't it?" His face reddened slightly, I had begun to rub his leg and moved my foot to the hollow just above his knee. "We all have our kinks and fetishes, don't we Francis? His color turning scarlet. "Why can your fetishes be satisfied and mine denied?"

"You will need to excuse me now, I have a spa appointment in preparation for a new gentleman that I'm seeing this evening."



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