Friday, July 29, 2016

Abbie goes home tomorrow to join her family for a week on Martha's Vineyard and then home for she and Mandy to prepare for school. Abbie will be at Columbia and Mandy at NYU. Kenny still grouses that they didn't go to Princeton, but Catherine is just happy that they will only be a couple of hours and a train ride away and that interest and applications to Berkley and Stanford were in the end discarded.

We've had an interesting summer the two of us. When Mandy took a summer job at Kim & Co, we had lots of small projects that could be undertaken by a bright, but pre professional individual a place that K&C II has not reached. Consequently Abbie spent a lot of time simply following me around. I gave her research projects with a list of questions that she need to determine the answers to. It didn't save me any time as I needed to review the material to ensure nothing was missed, but she did learn a lot.

We have had our crisis though, one evening she returned home in tears. She had been propositioned and offered money for sex. The man cad, was someone I know and who knows me from both my lives. He insinuated that I would have taken up the offer and when she refused to believe him, he showed her my website. It was a difficult interaction and I let her vent. The next day I approached her to talk and she refused to discuss it, saying she'd talk when she was ready.

After her flight departs, Wags and I are heading to the village where we will stay through at least September and will be joined by Anne Marie and Hannah, who have returned to France and will be living in Biarritz.



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