Monday, July 25, 2016

Carole and Tomas are in town and she invited me to join them along with a co-worker of Tomas and his partner for an evening out. We met at the Maison Souquet,a newish hotel in Pigalle. The building was a brothel during the Belle Époque is opulently decorated to reflect that time.

In the months following my bout of depression, I've rebound with a mild manic period in the past week, Oh I was on and definitely wanted to be noticed, I chose my sexiest silk hanky dress and intentionally arrived after the others and making eye contact with anyone in the room as I entered.

Another had joined us, a handsome Spaniard, who had recently joined joined the Paris office of Tomas' firm. As we were introduced I thought that I wouldn't be sleeping alone that night.

A drink, maybe two and I was in full hussy. Carole rolled her eyes, Tomas was amused, the couple wasn't sure how to react and the Spaniard knew that he wouldn't be sleeping alone either. "I could have worked here," I said summing up a short dissertation on the history of the building. "Drinking anisette, smoking opium and entertaining my lovers," I continued, laying my head in Tomas's lap and rubbing the Spaniard's leg.

With that, Carole summoned me to join her in the ladies, she had seen this act before and knew how to turn it down a notch. Appropriately chastened, but not particularly repentant, I followed her out to re-join the others. The seating arrangements had changed to place me next to the Spaniard, who would soon whisper that he was getting a room. It has been a while since I experienced the walk of shame, but the morning was familiar.



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