Monday, October 24, 2016

Business brought me to NY last week and while my meetings have yet to be fruitful, I did have a good week. Seeing the Twins, meeting their friends and visiting their dorm rooms. Abbie seems more settled than Amanda, something her mother has noticed as well.

Wednesday evening I watched the debate with my sister. The boys were at their father's for the week and we had the place to ourselves. I made dinner, a task made more difficult than necessary with Grace's Potemkin kitchen. I haven't paid a lot of attention to the campaign, but it is tough to ignore. Before the debate, Trump seemed to me Sarko on steroids and Clinton seems very Hollande-like, competent but boring. After watching the debate Clinton still seems Hollande-like but Trump is Jean-Marie La Pen on steroids.

There has been something that I have been interested in asking Grace about. She worked for several years in the magazine business and I wondered if she ever worked on a Trump project or had contact with him? The only project was when she was an assistant to an assistant at the beginning of her career and there was nothing significant to report, except that the editor for whom she worked, suggested it would best if she didn't find herself alone with the Donald.

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