Monday, November 28, 2016

Making Thanksgiving dinner in France takes a bit of planning. The first year that I invited friends and family to Thanksgiving, I panicked as I couldn't find cranberries or cranberry sauce, yams, nor the turkey. A farmer friend of Juliette bailed me out on the turkey, Grace brought a couple of cans of cranberry sauce from NY and we did without the yams. Knowing now that getting the critical ingredients means advanced planning, I arrange for my green grocer to order fresh cranberries and the yams, while the butcher gets that turkey.

Friday morning I left early for Biarritz to stay with Anne Marie and Hannah in Buster with a stop at the village house to pick up a couple of surfboards and a spare wetsuit that I'm leaving at their place. Our plan was to surf Saturday and Sunday, but the ocean was flat, so we rented a couple of kayaks and paddled around for a few hours.

AM and Hannah have purchased a house in a village outside Biarritz. It is a short walk from the beach and they're very excited. The place needs some TLC and they have a long list of things they want to do. They've moved in and despite not having settled in, they threw a party Saturday night. For a while now, Hannah has let her inner Emma Woodhouse loose and tries to find me a nice girl to settle down with. I've tried telling her that I don't have time for a romance… She's sweet but doesn't get it.

The party was fun and it was good to meet their new friends and it seems they have found a community and I have a couple of offers for dates, not that I have the time. Back in the village for the week, except for a quick trip to London for a meeting.



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