Saturday, December 24, 2016

The last couple of weeks had me traveling in the US; NY, Chicago, where I spent a weekend with Elyce and Michael and their family, Dallas, Houston, Silicone Valley, Big Sur and Los Angeles. I'm considering the travels successful both from a business and personal basis.

When in SF, I had dinner with my college roommate Katie and her wife, a sweetie who keeps Katie grounded. Remembered why I think Big Sur would be a wonderful place to settle and realized that Santa Monica isn't all that bad. Maybe if I'd realized that after college, I wouldn't have made it to Paris.

I returned home yesterday and Kenny, Catherine and family are here. Ken and Catherine liked the idea of Christmas in Paris and then borrowing the village house for a family getaway, but as soon at the plan was suggested, the twins began lobbying to stay in Paris. They didn't win the argument but did get an extra day.

Monday I'm heading for Chamonix with a friend and sometimes squeeze, Marjorie, to meet Anne Marie and Hannah for a week of skiing. The new year will be eventful.



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