Monday, January 23, 2017

Marjorie sat and watched as I stirred the apple sauce, I'd taste it and offer her a taste and add a bit of seasoning. When I was satisfied I let it simmer and checked on the biscuits. As she spoke to me a tear formed at the corner of my eye and then another. She noticed and asked if I was alright. "I get teary for no and every reason," I told her, "you'll learn that about me."

We've dated for nearly 10 months, but only recently did I admit she was my girl friend. Prior to that she was some one I fucked and fucked me. But admitting she was my GF was admitting that I was falling/fallen in love and I'm anxious. The month has been stressful, there is a lot going on at work, mostly positive and I moved back into my newly renovated apartment (a future post).

Though we've been seeing each other for months, we probably only have had a few dates as our schedules conflict, she is in Paris only for a few days at a time and I'm often traveling. In December she arrived the same day that I left for the US and when I returned, she had left to visit her family for Christmas. The week skiing was wonderful, but on our return to Paris, she was gone again and I didn't expect her back till spring.

Friday afternoon, she texted me that she would be coming to Paris for the weekend and would arrive late and come to my place. She arrived after mid-night exhausted from the travel and promptly fell a sleep. Saturday we went to the Women's March, such energy, I hope it is channeled into a purpose. Saturday night we made dinner, snuggled and watched a movie. Now she's gone till March and the space I made for her in my life is empty.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So does this mean you have given up on having 3 kids

4:05 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

The renovation is a result rather than a cause in my life.

9:52 PM  

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