Sunday, February 19, 2017

It has been an eventful week.

Anne Marie and Hannah were the first guests to stay in the renovated apartment and Sunday, Café Kim opened for business for the first time in a long while, giving me a chance to show off the new place to my friends. Valentine's Day evening I was alone, but texting sexy missives to Marjorie who is in Chad. I need to buy some batteries. Wednesday evening I hosted a dinner party for 12 at my place. It was catered, rather than my cooking, so that I could be a proper hostess.  I'm pleased with how the evening went.

All that and Marine La Pen wants to force me to choose French or American citizenship. Bitch. Though the US is making it difficult to maintain dual citizenship.

Friday, Wags and I drove to the village and I'll send a couple of weeks here with trips to London and Berlin for business. I need a some time here to re-charge. Mirelle and I had dinner on Friday and wandered to the café for drinks and to gossip. As we were chatting I noticed a very handsome man who I'd not seen before. In the summer I would have paid him no mind, but this time of year a stranger is unusual. I asked Mirelle about him and she told me he was Étienne who had purchased the marina from the retiring previous owner. We exchanged catty remarks and speculated on his performance when she said that he was very devoted to his wife, who was a very nice woman. "All the better that he's married," I responded., "he'll be in my bed by the end of summer." Mirelle dismissed me and said, "I don't care who you plan to fuck this summer, who are you fucking tonight?"



Blogger J said...

It's wonderful that the new improved digs are working out well. Really, if she gets elected she's only going to allow French citizens to "own" but 1 passport? This whole cascading rush to return to the Middle Ages that the world is on is so depressing. Some sort of progress! From (in the Middle Ages) walled cities to now, walled countries

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