Monday, February 06, 2017

There is a spectra rising in the western world, this time it is not Communism, but the return of Fascism. The US has given us Trump, the Brits, UKIP and of course here in France, La Pen, though she is not nearly as dangerous as Fillon. All of course are acolytes of Putin, the most dangerous of all. It is chilling, when you hear the attendees of Davos make the claim that Xi Jinping is the leader of the free market world. 

Now that I have French citizenship, I am looking forward to exercising my right to vote, but I'm disappointed in my options. Ideologically I am a liberal in both the American and European meaning of the the world. I voted for Alain Juppé in the Republican primary, of course he lost and I've cast about for another candidate as I find Fillon despicable. 
La Pen won't win and even if she did, the National Front would not get a majority in parliament and under the French system she would be very weak. Hopefully Fillon will be indicted and will withdraw.

Hollande's decision not to run for re-election had me hoping that Manuel Valls might obtain the Socialist nomination, as I've been impressed with his focus on business and job creation. Alas he lost to Hamon, who is a traditional Socialist who will do nothing to modernize the economy. Now I'm considering Emmanuel Macron, a former Socialist who left the party to run as the presidential candidate for En Marche!, a political movement that is trying to morph into a party. He though will have the same problem as La Pen, in that it is doubtful that En Marche! can win control of parliament.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard an npr thing that makes me question whether you are right about le pen's viability. basically, if they contorted our election here and made it possible for trump to win .... well. anyway. putin hacked our election. i'd worry about yours with le pen. :( —ebk

1:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fascinating listen:

xo EB

3:26 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Hi EB,

La Pen can win the first round, but will be crushed in the run off. If her opponent in the run off is Fillon, then... He is not much better than she is on immigration and social issues, add to that his Austrian school economic policies and his deference to existing industries and rent takers will be a disaster. France will be Italy.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saying more than a few prayers for all of it. Here has been worse than we could imagine. Women have GOT to start running for office in large numbers. xo eb

4:12 AM  

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