Tuesday, April 25, 2017

After voting Sunday, I headed to CDG for a flight to Los Angeles. I have several meetings here this week including, hopefully, hashing out a real estate transaction. My partners in the REIT are back at work following completion of their maternity leaves and a spare office has been turned into a nursery for the babies. Acquisition and disposal, has always been the part of this business that I've taken the lead on, so even if they had not been gone, I would be handling this. But now that they've returned, I can focus on Kim & Co II.

The polls were still open when I landed in NY and learned of Macron's victory while in the air to LA. I did a quiet fist pump when I read the news. I volunteered some for his campaign. I like what he has to say about the changes that France needs to make in its economy if it wants to prosper. He understands that France needs to create new business and the resulting jobs if the country is going to meet then needs of it citizens.

I'm staying in Santa Monica for the week and I surprisingly like it here. If for some reason I were to move back to the US, I'm believe it would be Southern California. Perhaps a cute little bungalow within bicycling distance of downtown and the water.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

from what i know of you, i could definitely see you settling in that area. —ebk

4:01 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Maybe not, but being effected by SAD and living through dreary Paris and Atlantic France winters, sunny SoCal has its appeal

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah. the sunshine is one of the best things about that area. i don't think i could handle all the "entertainment industry" types... i'm too east coast LOL xo eb

5:38 PM  

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