Monday, July 31, 2017

Last August I spent several days with Clara and Megan on their boat. During the trip they shared their plan to travel south along the the coast to Morocco and then west to the Caribbean, where they'd winter, charting the boat out to vacationers. In the spring they planned to travel up the east coast of the US, visiting along they way.

They asked if I wanted to join them for a leg of the trip and the only part that made sense was the return, via the Canadian Maritime provinces, Greenland, Iceland and on to Ireland. Tomorrow I fly to Boston and will spend a couple of days with Leah, David and the kids, before meeting Clara and Megan in Woods Hole. to start our trip up the New England coast to the Bay of Fundy and then east around Nova Scotia to the Strait of Canso towards Prince Edward Island. From there north to Labrador and Newfoundland before starting east to Europe.

I'm allowing about 6 weeks for the return and if it is running longer than that, I'll need to fly home.



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